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Wire EDM, or electrical discharge machining, is a high-precision method for cutting nearly any electrically conductive material. A thin, electrically-charged molybdenum EDM wire held between upper and lower mechanical guides forms one electrode, while the material being cut forms a second electrode. Electrical discharge between the wire and the workpiece creates sparks that rapidly cut away material and flushing system flushes away cutting debris.

As the charged wire never makes physical contact with the workpiece in EDM machining, there are no cutting forces involved, making it possible to manufacture extremely small and/or delicate parts. Parts that require levels of accuracy and intricacy that traditional machining cannot achieve can easily be produced via wire EDM.

​MOLYBDENUM (Moly) wire has a much higher melting point and higher tensile strength than any other material used for electrical discharge machining this gives us ability to machine veriety of softest and hardest materials from .010 to 10.00 in thickness and keep tolerances as close as 1 micron or .0002  .We love machining carbide and other tungsten alloys as well as any other heat treated tool steels.

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​Located in Pompano beach. Servicing Miami, Ft Lauderdale,Boca Raton,West Palm Beach.

Wire EDM Services in Pompano Beach , Florida . Serving Miami ,Ft Lauderdale ,Boca Raton , West Palm Beach .