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If your parts or components require extremely small-diameter holes drilled  contact Kaplun Mfg.  we offer EDM hole drilling services to meet the needs of any industry or application.

What is EDM Hole Drilling?

EDM (electrical discharge machining) hole drilling works on the same technical principles as wire EDM processing. However, instead of wire, EDM hole drilling uses an electrically-charged metallic electrode tool that works much like a traditional drill bit for hole machining. The material being worked serves as the second electrode, and electrical discharge between the workpiece and the tool creates sparks that rapidly cut away material. Both the electrode tool and the workpiece are submerged in deionized water, which flushes away cutting debris and acts as a dielectric safety barrier.

There is no physical contact between the tool and the workpiece; therefore, no cutting forces are involved. This enables extremely high dimensional accuracy, and results in drilled holes with fine finishes that require no additional work to remove burrs or smooth the surface.

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